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Monday, July 25, 2005

Where Has Summer Gone?

You know summer is almost over when your kid complains that you
woke him up from a good dream--about his teacher. No, it's not
like that. This is the 7-year-old. His first grade teacher is moving up
to teach second grade, and he is in her class again. That's a good
thing. He really bonded with her.

This is the kid who doesn't like school. The one who was sent to
the principal's office in Kindergarten. The only reason he tolerates
school is that he loves his teacher. "I love Miss ***** and you the
same, Mom. But I can only hug her if I am not supposed to be
doing my work."

He hugs other teachers too. I guess that is how he gets away with
stuff and doesn't get in serious trouble. First grade was better than
Kindergarten. He did lose his scissor privileges for cutting his own
hair. At least he didn't scalp someone else. And he had to stand in
the corner during art class because he threw a pencil. "Well," he
said, "I wouldn't have had to stand in the corner except that everyone
told on me." He almost had to go to the office for not apologizing.
He must have learned his lesson in Kindergarten, because when the
art teacher said, "Are you ready to apologize, or do we need to go
down to the office?" he replied, "I think I'm ready to apologize now."
When I told him it was good that he worked it out, he said, "Well,
I used to love Mr. ****** (art teacher), but now I only like him."

We'll see what second grade brings. In about 3 weeks.


  • At 4:40 PM, Blogger Redneck Diva said…

    In PreK my son charmed the entire early childhood building the first day by winking at the lunch ladies AND the teacher. From that moment on, he could do no wrong. It actually worked to his disadvantage later on in the year because the teacher was giving him special privileges because he was her "special little Sam-I-Am" and he thought he could get away with it with everyone. I had to kindly tell her that she had to quit playing favorites with my son and treat him the same as everyone else. Then in Kindergarten, his teacher was his cousin and he just LOVES her to pieces and pieces and while I don't think she ever played favorites with him, he did have home-court advantage by having family as teacher. I have a feeling the poor kid's in for a tough year this year - the first grade teacher he has is a known TYRANT. I don't think he's going to be able to charm her in the least. Oy. If we could just fast forward through first grade . . . I have a feeling he's only going to "like" her, if that, lol.

  • At 4:46 PM, Blogger Hillbilly Mom said…

    He looks like a little charmer, so he might melt her heart a little bit. Just don't let him show off his karate skills at the Christmas program.

    Actually, the "bouncer" that broke up my son's karate attack at that program went on to become his 1st grade teacher. Maybe she was afraid of him, or didn't want a surprise haircut.


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