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Sunday, July 17, 2005

BARn Bed-The Last Corner of the Loft Posted by Picasa

In case somebody drinks too much to walk down the steps
of the Barn Bar, Hillbilly Husband installed this bed. It looks
small, but it is like a twin bed. Now. It used to be our redneck
waterbed from our old house. He sawed the frame in half, and
put an air mattress in it. Not the $2.00 kind from Wal-mart
for floating in a blue plastic Wal-mart pool. It's one of those
as seen on TV that you blow up to make your guest sleep on
when you get uninvited company and want to teach him a
lesson about never dropping in for an overnight visit.

The "pillows" are 3 fund-raiser butt cushions that the older boys
sold years ago for school. Above the bed are a bunch of beer
goblets. I don't know where the genie bottle came from, or what
HH has been wishing for.

In the foreground is a small drafting table that HH painted with
black squares for playing chess and checkers. He plays chess
with 7-year-old #2 son. I don't know who wins, but I would
guess that it's an even contest.

This now concludes our tour of the Redneck Barn. Please proceed
down the steps in an orderly fashion. Feel free to walk around the
grounds. Anyone who finds a possum or a chipmunk may keep it,
no charge.


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