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Friday, July 15, 2005

BARn Loft, Redneck Style Posted by Picasa

Here is what Hillbilly Husband built in the loft of our barn...
his own personal bar. He collected those beer bottles at
flea markets. His oldest son brought him the girly poster.
The brown bar chairs he brought from his old workplace.
Hanging above the bar are beer buckets. I assume these
came from flea markets also, except for the 3 I had from
the St. Louis Strassenfest.(Hey, I had a life before I met
him.) Some of the trays he got on eBay.

As you might guess, he did not consult me about the floor.
And that attractive black runner with the yellow safety stripe
was purchased through his work. It leads to a little room
where he is going to put a stove and microwave. He already
has them, scavenged from our old kitchen and Hillbilly
Grandma's kitchen. There is a drafting table bought from
his old job, and a Johnny West horse trailer from my childhood.
They are not really part of the bar motif, they just happened
to be in the picture that #1 son took for me. (He thinks of it
as a spy mission.)

The bar top has a Falstaff logo that HH traced and colored
(everything he needs to know he learned in kindergarten) and
clear-coated. There is a Wal-mart mini-fridge behind the bar.
To hear him tell it, he stocks it with soda for the kids. To hear
my little spy, 001, tell it, it is stocked with soda, beer, and
candy bars.

Tomorrow...another view of the loft.


  • At 9:14 AM, Blogger Cat said…

    LOL that is a husbands dream, his own bar! lol too cool

  • At 9:27 AM, Blogger deadpanann said…

    hey that bar is pretty cool! I say let's stock it with beer and have a hillbilly barn bar ho-down!


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