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Saturday, July 16, 2005

BARn Loft In Progress Posted by Picasa

This corner is across from the bar. It is a work in progress.
The most notable objects are the early 1900's double-barrel
shotgun and the old fishing pole mounted on the wall.

That is some sort of Coca-Cola diner thing mounted on the
wall. More Johnny West memorabilia jeep and trailer. On
the shelf are a beer pitcher and goblets, brand unknown to
me. The set of glasses is probably Falstaff. The TV and VCR
were scavenged from the kids. The movie library is mostly
kid stuff for when #2 son comes to the bar. It also includes
my Waterboy, and a John Wayne collection, and I think
my Lonesome Dove set.

This corner definitely needs a makeover.


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