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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Double Nintendo?

What is with Nintendo and their commercials? I was watching
cartoons with #2 son at lunch yesterday, and saw the new one
for Kirby Canvas Curse for the Nintendo DS. And it looked
inappropriate for kids.

Now I am not an old fogey, and I am not a religious fanatic.
In fact, when my trivia team gets a question about the Bible,
the other teachers on my team look at me, sigh, and talk amongst
themselves. But I think this new commercial must be an inside
joke with the ad people. I only saw it once, so bear with me.

It starts with cute little Kirby and this big tall thing that is supposed
to be a finger. But to me, it looks more like a phallus. There is music
such as "So Happy Together" or something like that. They go
walking down a road. The finger/phallus thingy pokes Kirby in the
back. At some point, Kirby jumps up and down on the lying-down
finger/phallus thingy. And at the end of the commercial, it goes to
black screen and the Nintendo logo and some sentence like
"Touching is good." Is this some kind of double entendre
or innuendo?

Whoa! This is during little kids' cartoons. What kind of subliminal
message might they be getting from this? Sure my 7 year old doesn't
get it. But what about some 11/12/13 year old? They watch cartoons.
And they notice other stuff too. I have walked into the classroom
after the bell to hear my 7th grade boys discussing "Bob" and "Enzyte"
and "natural male enhancement." At least they had the good sense to
shut up when I walked in.

Now I understand that the main feature of the Nintendo DS system
is a stylus and two screens. You use the stylus on the bottom screen
to control movement by touching the screen. So I know what they
are getting at with the "touch" angle. But there must be a better way.
My kids have Nintendo DS systems, and the key word here people
is stylus, not phallus. You don't even use a finger, because the stylus
is much more effective.

I could not find a link to this commercial that worked, so if you
haven't seen it, you won't have a clue what I'm ranting about.
It just seems inappropriate to me at the kid level.


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