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Monday, June 13, 2005

Ode to My Lovely Green Shirt, Jeannie

Here is my entry for Big Blogger Rebecca's Challenge #10.

There are about 10 people in my life that will understand this
ode. But that's OK. I get it, and one other regular reader will get
it. And that's all you need in life, isn't it? At least one person that
really "gets" your sense of humor. Read on, if you dare. Or come
back tomorrow.

And now, my ode to a long-lost friend I have outgrown.....

Ode to My Lovely Green Shirt, Jeannie

O, Green Jeannie, how I miss your soft touch on my skin.
Through all the good times I simply took you for granted.
I found you at the army surplus store called "FM,"
Near tents with holes, and other shirts, their stripes wrongly slanted.
We partied, and learned diversity's hilarious side,
Thirty folks plus one-bedroom apartment equals knocks
From those not invited; that a peephole should have glass
In the tube, not just air. The El Camino Hayride,
Jeannie, and Redneck Christmas Party: I was quite the fox.
As partiers, Jeannie, we kicked considerable a$$.

Named by the roommate who sold plasma for a living,
Liked My Three Sons; Fred MacMurray introducing his wife.
"This is my lovely wife, Jeannie." I was touched by her giving
You that special name. I still laugh at that time in my life.
St. Pat's Lovely Green Jeannie Party exhalted your name.
You, Jeannie, gave me nerve to "borrow" some mugs from the bar...
Amaretto sour and shot glasses, also came home.
You led me, Jeannie, to things that are now not OK
In this life I've carved, where thrill is a $300 car.
They may think they know, but they have no idea: our former life, in this poem.

Oh, yeeaahh! I ain't no poet, and eeeeeverybody knows it!


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