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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Hillbilly Mom's Tales of the Supernatural

I admit that I like to watch shows like Ghost Hunters, or Weird
Travels, or Montel with psychic Sylvia Browne. So as you might
expect, I believe there are things that can't be explained by the
laws of nature. Having been a science teacher, I doubt I would
believe in these things if I hadn't seen them for myself. I don't
even watch David Blaine without trying to explain how he does
things. And be warned, Mr. Blaine, I am onto your silverware
bending tricks. I figured that one out watching the last rerun of
your shows about a month ago.

Something has been happening in my house. This was a new
house. We built it ourselves. Nobody died in it, which is the first
thing people ask me. No, I don't know if it's built on an Indian
(Native American) burial ground. No, I don't drink. Now that
we have all that out of the way....

Here are some things that have happened in my purty little
hillbilly home:

Son talking to people who don't exist.

Bedroom 10 degrees colder than any other room in winter and
summer, even after vents and shades have been adjusted.

Smells that don't belong.

Slamming door.

Popping and cracking every 5 seconds over a 12- hour period.

Light bulb with a will of its own.

Toy that drove itself.

Appearance in plain sight of object we spent 2 days looking for.

Self-flushing toilet.

Son being covered up in middle of night.

Son saying Grandpa (deceased) comes to visit him at night.

Appearance of a man in a suit, no head.

Now that you know I must be crazy, here are some other
things I've seen or heard (but not in this house):

Blue-green orb

Someone walking upstairs. Several times per week.

Metal doors in a gym open by themselves.

White "entity" in a storage closet.

All right, now before you send the men with a straightjacket
to pick me up for a little vacation, hear me out.

I have not seen and heard these things everywhere I lived.
Other people have also experienced these things at the same
places I have. So don't think I'm a wacko until you've heard
the whole story. Ooops! This post is too long.

Maybe I can tell you tomorrow.


  • At 8:21 PM, Blogger thc said…

    Spooky! The former owner of our house *did* die here and all we have is flickering lights.

    Nice looking house, though. It reminds me a lot of my aunt and uncle's house in Monett.


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