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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Redneck Yard Ornaments

Here are a couple of yard ornaments from my side yard. They
are situated behind the outhouse, which can not be seen in this

This is my husband's collector truck. He has plans to fix it up
and take it to car shows. He has had this plan for 7 years now.
I know, because #2 son is 7 years old, and right after he was
born, my step-grandpa died, and my grandma gave my husband
this truck.

It is some kind of 1970s-model Chevy. It was in pretty good
condition when he drove it home. Yes, it was running before
he started fixing it up. The biggest problem was a lot of black
smoke from the exhaust, and a bedfull of leaves that blew out
on the highway. It had all its parts on it, too. Now the bed and
the front end are in the barn, I think. Or under the side sections
of the barn. I believe the plan was to sandblast and repaint
them. We rednecks don't really get in a hurry about things.

The other item is our picnic table. We have had this for about
7 years, too. We have never painted it or treated the wood,
but it still holds together. It was missing for 1 year, because
we took it up the road to our friends' house for a Halloween
party. Then they kind of forgot to give it back, and got
divorced, so we didn't think it was so important that we
had to bother them about our picnic table. When the kids
got older and wanted to have a picnic, my husband called
his buddy and asked if he could come up and get it. "Oh, no,"
said Buddy. "I'll bring it down this afternoon."

We wondered how Buddy was going to load that thing by
himself. The answer came about an hour later. Here he came
down the road with our picnic table swinging from the boom
pole on his tractor. For some reason, we did not find this
strange. Kind of like the time we woke up to find Buddy's
truck parked in our front yard, with no one in it. His pickup
truck, not his dump truck. We figured there must be some
kind of explanation, but he never gave one, and we never
asked. That's just the way of the redneck.

The next time I can't think of anything to write about, I'll
take you on a tour of the barn. That's meant to be a promise,
not a threat.


  • At 3:15 AM, Blogger Rebecca said…

    Hi HM,
    It looks like you rhubby is doing the truck one panel at a time. At least he has stripped it down to see where the rust is starting. It will be nice to see it when it is done.
    Just wondering though, my knowledge of Rednecks is there should be at least one bath tub in the yard somewhere, and some sort of tire swing, could you point these out? :-)

  • At 11:23 AM, Blogger Hillbilly Mom said…

    Hey, Rebecca,
    Sad thing is, there was no rust when he brought it home...only after he took it apart. We don't have an old bathtub, but hubby wanted one. He sees them in cow pastures used as watering troughs, and says, "I wish I could find one of those." As far as the tire swing...we can't spare our old tires for that. Hubby saves them in case we need tires for one of the 6 autos. He put some Toyota tires on our haywagon one time.

  • At 1:55 PM, Blogger Babs said…

    Hey Hillbilly Mom, Thought I would return the visit. Love the redneck yard ornament . . . it's a classic! I'll add you to my links and I look forward to the barn tour.


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