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Monday, May 16, 2005

Big Blogger Challenge #4

Mr. BeanJeans, of Big Blogger challenge #4.
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This is Challenge #4 for the Big Blogger contest at
Create a character for a children's show called Fun Times and Rhymes.

So here is my entry:

"Hi Kids! It's Mr. BeanJeans here again on Fun Times and Rhymes.
I have a story and a poem for you today, boys and girls. First, the story.

Last week I went to visit my best friend, Garrett Carrot. Garrett wanted
to go to the swimming hole, which is across the highway from his garden.
"No, Garrett," I told him. "We are not supposed to cross the highway.
It is dangerous." But Garrett would not listen. He darted out in front of
a big truck, and was smashed flat! The ambulance came and took him to
the hospital. I waited for a long time. I was worried about Garrett. Finally,
the doctor came out and said, "Mr. BeanJeans, I have some good news
and some bad news. The good news is: Your friend is alive and will get
better. The bad news is: I'm afraid he's going to be a vegetable for the
rest of his life." So remember kids, unless you want to be a vegetable,
don't run into the road.

And kids, until next time, keep telling your mom, "I don't like vegetables,
and I'm NOT going to eat them!" And I will keep dumping your plate
off the table. I'm so lucky to be invisible to moms.

Now here is your poem to get you ready for bedtime:

When you go to sleep at night,
and the lights are dim, not bright...

all your toys get up to play,
like you and your buddies do all day.

The teddy bear gets out of bed.
"Let's play baseball, " Bunny Rabbit said.

The dump truck whines, "You guys are rough.
You'd better stop--you'll break some stuff."

They hear a noise... see a light...
jump back on the shelf...Nighty Night."

(Other Big Blogger Challenges were:
1 Mention a "cat" in your blog
2 A real-life business with a funny name
3 Review a breakfast cereal like a movie)


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