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Friday, May 13, 2005

You Can't Teach a New Kid Old Sayings

Today was our last day of school. Just for fun, I gave my students
a page of old sayings to see how many they could complete.
Here are some of the results:

An apple a day...
keeps the teacher away.

Don't count your chickens...
till they come home.
there's 20 missing. Sorry, I got hungry.

You can't judge a...
turkey by the way it flies.

Be careful not to throw the baby...
it has no wings.
cause you'll get locked up.
against the wall.

Early to bed and early to rise...
there's a big day ahead, don't be surprised.
go to sleep now, wake up to a prize.
you get the breakfast before everyone else digs in.

The early bird...
always wakes me up.

A bird in the hand...
is a dead bird if I get ahold of it.
keeps the worms away.

The love of money...
is my only love.

If you lie down with dogs...
you're going to smell really bad.

Don't cry over...
girls, they're stupid.

One bad apple...
one dead tree.
tastes really bad.

Don't put all your eggs...
in one bag.
in one spot.
in at one time.


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